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definition: v. to make different in a particular way. to make radically different. to transform.

Change might be the hardest thing in the world. Why? Because change is uncomfortable. It is not something we can control. In most cases, one does not change himself. He is changed by outside factors. Change, incidentally, is a transitive verb, which means the object of change is being changed by another subject altogether. (Do you like English?) I have found this true in my life. I have been through two big changes (besides physical, of course): 1. salvation and 2. lost legalism. Although both were my decisions to make, I did not perform the changes. Once I made the decisions, and in both cases, yielded myselph to God, it was completely out of my hands.

When I accepted Christ, I felt different. Why? Because I was. I felt there was something new about me, something Greater going on inside of me. I felt free. I am re-experiencing this feeling of freedom lately. I have always hated legalism, and yet I imposed some legalistic standards on myselph. I cannot explain why I did it, other than the fact it was comfortable. It was the way I understood life should be, but I was bound by my own self righteous positions. But now I feel free. I haven’t fully embraced my freedom. Maybe I’m nervous. Change is happening, though. According to a good friend, I’m not nearly the pompous jerk that I was a year ago. That’s a good start.

“Therefore if the Son sets you free, you really will be free.” John 8:36 (HCSB)


Why can’t church be more like camp?

This is an interesting question that was posed to me about six months ago by one of my teenagers from my last church. I don’t think I had a good answer for the question at the time. My mind was locked into the way life had always been: church was church and camp was a fun time away from church. I diligently defended the only institution I had ever known or been a part of. You just can’t expect a church to have the energy and enthusiasm as camp, because they only have to arrange one service and do it over and over the whole summer. Fast forward to where I am now…I think my new church is like camp: the music is rockin’, the sermon is powerful, and they mix in videos with elements of truth and humor. Every service is fun, upbeat, and engaging. From the time you walk into the auditorium, you feel like you’re in a place you would want to hang out. Old question: Why can’t church be like camp? New answer: I honestly don’t know, Courtney. You’re right. That is a brilliant question.