stories, lessons, and a lot of nonsense


Life is full of all kinds of accidents. I’ve been in a car accident. People lose limbs in freak accidents. If you ask my parents, I’m an accident (so is Dan), but I like to consider myselph more like a surprise party thrown by God than an accident. That’s what gets me through my day, anyway.

One thing that has never happened accidentally is greatness. Great things may happen by accident (like a surprise party thrown by God), but true greatness is always the result of purpose. For example, a great church (or any other organization) does not become great by luck or chance. Its greatness is soaked in the sweat of those that God used to lay the foundation. Hard work and discipline are key ingredients to any success story.

Individual greatness isn’t the product of luck, either. Are great leaders born? Everyday. But not every born leader will live up to his potential. It’s a matter of choosing to deliberately hone one’s leadership ability. The best advice I have is to shut up and listen to someone wiser than you. That’s from someone on the learning side of things, and you can imagine how hard that is for a prolix guy like myselph.

By the way, great Christians are deliberate people, too. We are as close to God as we want to be. So where do you want to be?


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