stories, lessons, and a lot of nonsense


this cut is written by Sarah. I stole it from her myspace. Enjoy.
one does a lot of thinking at 3 in the morning [no one tell my Gampa that I was up this late…]

I was thinking of how I wish I had a Fun Size Snickers (why aren’t the King Sized ones the Fun Size ones?? is it b/c there’s nothing fun about 1,000 calories in something that’s smaller than most TV remotes??)

… and I was also thinking about how God has a reason for everything.

that I know that He has a reason for everything.

but that when things get stressful and a bit saddening, I forget to have FAiTH and I go into what-can-I-do-to-hurry-God’s-will-along mode.

don’t get me wrong, I believe that one must be pro-active in God’s will – since He can’t complete His will for our lives w/o us…

but we need to have FAiTH that He will take care of those who love Him.

I get caught up in this thought flight pattern of “well, I know God CAN do such-&-such, but I don’t know if He WiLL”. and I fly around in that for awhile, assuaging myself in the thought that God can do anything [especially in thoughts pertaining to my healing].


I think EVERYONE knows that God CAN do anything. but only His children believe that He WiLL.

since we moved here, I’ve been speed-dating jobs.
the first one, I left for moral reasons.
the second one, I’m having to leave b/c I was not fully informed of all my job duties and it turns out I can’t physically do them all. [being so, I’m only getting 9ish hours/week…]


so I’m waiting to hear s o m e t h i n g from a n y o n e about a job. I’m working now… but at $7/hr at 9 hours a week.. that’s barely enough to pay utilities.
I’ve applied for a giant’s handful of jobs, but none of them have responded with anything but “thanks for applying, we’ll keep your resume on file…” file 13, was it?….

and I was thinking,

God’s sustaining us w/enough money from Jeff’s paycheck… from the small job I have now… and from the short-lived job I had before….

so He’s taking care of us.
He wouldn’t leave us.

it’s just : “NOT YET”

and I’m sure that every job that’s come along so far has been “NO” b/c it hasn’t been the right job.

not the one He wants me to have.

so I’m getting

and doubtful that I’ll be able to get a job that I’ll like.

instead of having FAiTH that God will give me the job that He wants me to have.

and I think “yea – I have FAiTH! I know You’ll provide me a job soon!!”
but sometimes it’s hard for me do discern between FAiTH, and confidence b/c I want a certain thing so bad I make it real.

and then it’s weird… b/c in those moments, you realize that God DOES know our hearts better than we do.

it’s those days,

when : I finally realize that I’ve been a butthead and, instead of walking BESiDE God, I try to walk ahead of Him b/c I think He’s not walking fast enough.

when : I remember that



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