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pursuing irrelevance

Josh Polderman is a great friend to me. In fact, he’s my nominal best friend. He gave me a great gift when he introduced me to my wife. They worked at Arby’s together, by the way. I think everyone should have a fast food job at some point in life. So what did Josh do? Essentially, he made himself irrelevant…or at least he made it possible for himself to be irrelevant. He replaced himself by introducing me to my new best friend. So now Sarah is truly my best friend in the world, but Josh still gets to be called best friend…and I call Sarah a variety of other names, like wife, honey, sweetie, buttface, etc. I can’t tell you what she calls me. This is a Christian blog.

A great leader will also make himselph irrelevant. He will identify another leader that he can bring by his side and train. This person may even be a better leader than him. It takes a lot of courage to do that. After all, if the person you mentor/train turns out to be better than you, he very well could take your job. The question you’d have to ask yourselph before making the decision to do this is this: am I more important than the company I work for? If the answer is yes, you should probably quit and find something else. The answer is easy for me: ABSOLUTELY NOT! Of course, I work for the church, whose goal is to reach people for Christ, so it should be a no brainer. Too bad there are a lot of people who do have brains that still can’t figure this out.

I’ll put this out there: I hope I can make myselph irrelevant within one year. That’s my goal. That doesn’t mean I want to be fired, cause I seriously love my job. Seriously. I’m being serious. It doesn’t happen often, so take note. I just want to train someone else to do what I do. That would come in handy if I die, or if God moves me somewhere else, or if God directs me to another position in the church, or if I get fired. Then again, if I get fired, maybe the person that has been trained by me may not be the best choice for a replacement.


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