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Bum Rap Part 2

Okay, so now I move onto Christian rock. It definitely used to be very pathetic. Then the Newsboys, DC Talk, and Audio Adrenaline came along, and revolutionized the industry. They’re not the best now, nor my favorites to listen to, but they definitely did good stuff to change the landscape of Christian music. If I were to get a pet rock today, I would name it Christian, because Christian rock has just gotten that cool.

The proof is in the pudding…which leads me to my next rabbit trail. What is in the pudding, and what is it proof of? Colonel Mustard did it in the library with the pudding? Bill Cosby never knew Jell-O could be so powerful. Oh yeah, what proof? Well, I remember watching Criminal Minds after the Super Bowl, and they showed a preview for the next episode. The background song? Game on, by Disciple. They could have chosen any song, and yet they chose this one. Then WWE decided they liked that song so much that they made it the theme song for an entire PPV event. And ESPN used that same song for the background music for the ultimate highlight. Then WWE came back and asked Disciple to do an original entrance song for a tag team.

Now, this is only one band, and they could be an anomaly. But wait, there’s more. If you keep reading now, I’ll throw in more miscellaneous facts to tickle your frontal lobe. I’m not a big fan of Switchfoot, but they are certainly a well accepted Christian band. I can hardly turn on the TV without hearing one of their songs. Flyleaf was used in Live Free or Die Hard in one of the best scenes of the movie (hard to pick the best scene in that movie). PODs music is almost more overplayed on mainstream TV than they are on Way FM…is that even possible? As I Lay Dying is regarded as a top of the line screamo metal band, and they just happen to be a Christian band. By the way, their shirts have skulls on them, and that apparently earned my nephew a talking to. Well played, Matthew. Oh, and that shirt was bought at Hot Topic, where you can also buy Underoath and Flyleaf shirts. How good does a Christian band have to be to be put on Hot Topic’s shelves? Then there’s Demon Hunter, who was repeatedly featured on MTV2’s Head Bangers Ball and has also won Grammies for their album artwork.

And, as a final note, let’s not forget Red. They really don’t have any accolades to speak of, but they’re good, hard hitting rock…and their lead singer looks a little like our lead pastor. Enjoy their video.

And the list goes on. And the beat goes on. And I go to bed. Good night now.


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