stories, lessons, and a lot of nonsense

it’s good to be a man.

There are so many reasons why it’s great to be a man. Here’s my top 10 list why it’s good to be a man.

10. Legalists don’t get mad at us for wearing pants.
9. We can go to the bathroom without worrying about a friend coming or about if the seat will be up or down.
8. Because your only two options for child birth are lots of pain or a huge needle in the back.
7. Eating everything on your plate is acceptable and expected.
6. Urinals.
5. Action movies are better than chick flicks.
4. Grilling is unofficially your job.
3. You can be a parent without getting stretch marks.
2. Watching the football game with nacho cheese on your shirt is better than having a tea party, stamping it up, and canning.
1. God made women just for us.

What did I miss? Leave your comments.


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