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for young men only…

Okay, so the title says “for young men only,” but I understand that most of my readers do not fall into that category. Do I have any young men that read my blog? I’m suddenly curious. Well, feel free to keep reading, if you are a slightly outdated man or a woman of any age. Now I’m pretty sure that all the women that read my blog are young women. Right? Right. Hey, stupid, what are you getting at? Oh, thanks for bringing me back on track. I was distracted. for young men only is the title of a book I’m reviewing today. It said it was “a guy’s guide to the alien gender,” so I figured it had to be worthwhile. I thought I had a chance to learn something, but alas, these guys don’t know anything that another married guy doesn’t already know. Shoot! But if I had had this book when I was a teenager, I would have known just enough to be dangerous.

These two guys (Jeff Feldhahn and Eric Rice) set out to learn what goes on inside a woman’s head. It is a worthy venture, but I like my chances of finding Noah’s ark a little better. In their quest, they asked over 1,000 girls some very deep questions. They didn’t just ask homemade jumper wearing church girls, either. I get the impression they asked good girls, bad girls, and even girls who wore pants instead of skirts and dresses. Say it ain’t so! Now, they couldn’t ask all the questions, become some of them pertained to sex. I am not a dad, but I’m 99.9% sure that if a strange man started interviewing my pretend daughter, and the questions included sexually driven questions, his book would never be written. His eulogy, however, would be lovely. So they enlisted the help of their wives.

Throughout the book, they give wisdom to young men that is contrary to what they are taught. The world often portrays life and relationships in a way that is very different than the norm. Women do not want what TV says they want (or should I say that ladies don’t…). They teach young men about themselves, about girls, about treating them right (which seems to be a lost art), about a proper perspective of sex, and what a real take home to the parents guy is like. I loved that last chapter. I felt like I was reading a short biography about myselph.

In the end, I would recommend reading the book if you have a son, are single, or your wife can’t stand you. Ladies, you shouldn’t read the book, because it is for young men only. Sorry, those are the rules. You can get the book at Family Christian if you are interested, or even better, just bug Leslie at the New Hope bookstore, and she can order it for you. I’d give you my copy, but I already gave it to Tom.


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