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interracial marriage

Did you know that you can find a verse in the Bible to support almost any insane belief you want to believe in. One such crazy belief is that interracial marriage is wrong. There are a variety of verses that are ripped out of context to support the belief, but none of it makes sense. I never really experienced much bias towards this issue until I lived in the south. Interestingly enough, MOST people do not have a huge problem with all interracial relationships. They just don’t like blacks and whites being together. But being married to an Asian does have its own set of bias viewpoints that come along with it.

Here are some things I’ve learned about Sarah and I through others’ wisdom:

  1. Sarah must speak Korean and know karate.
  2. I must have been in the Navy, stationed in Okinawa.
  3. I moved her whole family here from Asia to live with us. That must be a normal dowry.
  4. Sarah is a mail ordered bride. It only happened once, but I was seriously asked one time if that was how I met her. If I were ordering a bride from a catalogue, and she were in there, I would pick her. I think this is a clear indication that the person asking knew Sarah was way out of my league, and the only way to nab her would have been to order her.
  5. And, of course, she is Japanese. We thought for the longest time she was Korean, but there is video evidence to the contrary. Our wedding tape clearly shows that she is Japanese.

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