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a God in our image

Do you ever feel like we have created God in our image, so as to make His personality more palatable? Are we really ready to handle God just as He is? For instance, there are some Christians who dwell so much on the fact that God is love that they pass right by the fact that God is just and holy. Then on the other side, you have a lot of Christians who are angry at the feel good “God is love” Christians, and they spend their lifetime viscerally shouting the judgment of God, without the hope of His love. Is either right? Yes, they are both right, because God is fully love, and God is fully just and holy. God is not exactly Who we think He is; He is so much more. The Israelites attempted to make God in an image they could understand when they made the golden calf, but God was not pleased. God does not like putting us into any image. We’re supposed to put ourselves into His image.

Some of us will spend our lifetimes pursuing Christ-likeness as best we know how, but in the end, we will never get it right. We cannot grasp God in His fullness. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue to endeavor to be like Him. The Bible tells us to grow in the knowledge of Jesus, but we will never get there…not till we see Him. 1 John 3:2 says, “Dear friends, we are God’s children now, and what we will be has not yet been revealed. We know that when He appears, we will be like Him, because we will see Him as He is.” I don’t know what it’s going to be like to really be like Christ, but the day is coming when I will know.


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