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Smiffner! My brother Dan and I decided that the cooliest name of all time would be Stuben Smiffner Selph. Unfortunately, our much more mature than us wives disagree, so we only get to pretend while they’re pregnant. Dan and Katey found out before us that they were expecting, but Sarah is officially 4 days further along. Dan has always copied me. Anyway, that gave him a lock on Stuben for his baby, leaving me with Smiffner. I definitely don’t say it begrudgingly, because it is a very cool name. So until we know what we’re having, and go with the names we really have picked out, Smiffner shall be our baby’s name. This leaves me with some t-shirts to have made. For me, I want one that says, “Smiffner’s Dad,” and for Sarah, I want one that says, “Jew inside” (like the intel inside logo) and “Caution, Smiffner on board.” And for those that were wondering, here are the real names we have picked out:

Boy: Jakob Israel
Girl: Eva Catherine

By the way, Sarah has her first prenatal appointment today. We’re really excited!

And, happy birthday to David Carrel! You can wish him a happy birthday HERE if you’d like. Just leave him a comment on his latest blog post.


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