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Does God cease to be good?

We are a people of worry and emotion. I know I lose many nights sleep to worry and anxiety. When God “comes through for us in the clutch,” we generally return to normal, happy, and “good.” Unfortunately, we have redefined “good” to be a favorable feeling. We feel good. I am good (based on circumstance), however goodness is not a feeling. It is a divine attribute of God. God is a God of truth, not favorable feelings. He is good. God is good all the time. It’s cliche, but true.

How many times have you found yourself talking about a potentially bad situation, only to sum it up with, “…but God is good, and He took care of it.”? I caught myself saying it just last week, and I quickly added, “not that He wouldn’t be good if He had done it differently, I just like what He decided this time.” The fact is that God’s goodness is not determined by your agreement with His chosen outcome. What happens when He doesn’t “come through?” What if He doesn’t see things the way you see them? And what if He doesn’t work like a lucky rabbits foot, and you don’t get what you want? Does God cease to be good? No. God is good, not in spite of my circumstance, but because of my circumstance. God is in control, and according to Romans 8:28, He’s working EVERYTHING out for our good. Unemployment? Good. Foreclosure? Good. Everything that has ever made me FEEL bad? Good, because God is good, and He’s working. It’s not about how I feel, it’s about who He is. So how am I today? I’m well. Thank you for asking.


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