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yellow roses

Every time I buy roses for Sarah, I get the same hassle from the florist. Sarah’s favorite roses are yellow roses, so that’s what I typically buy her. Florists must be nosy, cause they always ask who they are for. I should just tell them that they are for my girlfriend and please don’t tell my wife, but I never remember to. When I say they are for my wife (or back in the day for my girlfriend or fiance), I’ve always been told that it’s inappropriate. After all, if I loved her, I’d buy red. Yellow roses are for friends. It works out well that Sarah is my best friend, so I can get her yellow roses. Since I love her so much, I get her what she wants, not what the florist wants.

I was asked an interesting question by a guy named Patrick “Pattycakes” “Big Papa Bluff” Sprague last week: what is the deal with marriage? I decided I would let him in on the secret to the success of my marriage. I do not like to give away secrets. It goes against what I believe, but I felt I owed it to him. So I told him that Sarah is without a doubt my very best friend. I explained that when we were dating/engaged, I got condemned by friends for putting her before all of them. “Bro’s before…,” well, you know, and I wasn’t down with that. My wife has never been that, and I guess the line isn’t funny when she’s the only girl being talked about. I still put her before everyone else, not because I feel like I have to, but because I honestly want to. I would rather hang out with her than anyone else, because she is the best friend I have ever had. I told him that if he was that way with his fiancee now, and continued in that trend after marriage, he would have smooth sailing.

I realize I’ve been blogging about Sarah a lot. What can I say? Maybe I’ll be funnier next time. I hope you can still buy your wife yellow roses.

And today is Nate’s birthday. Happy birthday, buddy! Feel free to call him at 616-724-1393 and wish him a happy 7th birthday. I think that’d make his day. Tell him his Uncle Jeff sent you.

Also, we’re excited that The Shane is coming in tomorrow. He’ll be here for almost a week. How cool is that?


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