stories, lessons, and a lot of nonsense

I will give the author this: Jesus is the greatest Man Who ever lived. I do not, however, agree with the premise of his book. Using Jesus’ earthly life as a model to reach success sounds like a good idea, but that depends on what you’re talking about. The success accomplished in Jesus’ life can be summed up in one phrase, spoken by God from Heaven on two occasions: “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” He did not, however, have business success. I would not necessarily say that he had social success, given the fact that one of his best friends betrayed him and gave Him up to be crucified. His words were hard to swallow, as He only spoke the truth, that many had to stop following Him. But that was all okay, cause He was God, and He was 100% true, right, and consistent.

At some points, the book was on target. At other times, I found it hard to agree with. Will living like Jesus create success? Not necessarily earthly success. Will it produce happiness? Well, happiness is a human emotion, and God doesn’t deal in emotions. It will produce joy; it will produce contentment; it may not produce happiness, though.

I just can’t recommend this book. I was asked to review it. That is my review. Live like Jesus to please God, not to gain some earthly accolades. But, if you buy into all that prosperity gospel stuff, you’re welcome to purchase the book. Here’s a LINK to it, or if you’d like, I’ll give you my copy. I don’t need it.


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