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Some words are not welcomed in most churches. Generally, any word that relates to or refers to poop is on that list. I broke the rules this weekend.

My only regret is that I failed to welcome the people who may have been in the bathroom when I started. We have speakers in there, so you can hear what’s going on in the auditorium, even if you come down with a case of the trotskies. It never would have been more appropriate than this weekend.

There were two cool things (outside of the word poop) from this weekend. First, our friend Shane was here. It was cool having him here for the week. I thought it was cool that I was preaching while he was here. He got to here the message 6 times between practice and real services. I just got back from dropping him off at the airport. He chose the 6:05 AM flight out of Columbus on my day off. Really cool. The second thing was the honoring of Dan Knight. It was his last weekend, and I felt we should take a moment to honor him. He may punch me in the face on Tuesday. We’ll see.

Dirty Jobs – Saved by the Smell: Reaching lost people at any cost from Jeff Selph on Vimeo.


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