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A ransom is the necessary payment to release a hostage from bondage. I do not see myself ever being kidnapped and held for a ransom – we’ve got no money – but I would hope that if I am ever held hostage that my wife would gladly give her case of Wonka bars for my freedom, even if there is a golden ticket still floating around out there. That would be a big sacrifice to make, but why hold someone for a small ransom? If you ever find yourself in that situation, you really only have a few options: pay the ransom, be Bruce Willis and save the hostages on your own, or ignore the call and see what they will do. For some reason, you’re always encouraged to not pay the ransom, because your family member probably will not be let out alive. I wonder where the idea that not cooperating keeps your family safer than cooperating?

Now, we know that we have been held ransom by our sin. Yes? The ransom that had to be paid was death. So, Jesus paid this ransom for us, because He wanted to buy us back. Here’s how I like to picture this going down. Jesus dies and goes down Hell to pay this ransom. The devil’s not there, but instead, he calls Jesus. The devil’s like, “yeah, so you paid the ransom, but you still can’t have them back.” Jesus, with his wild Mel Gibson hair, goes crazy on the phone, and yells, “GIVE ME BACK MY SON!” The devil is not a very compliant dude, and somehow he doesn’t realize he just messed with the wrong Jew. So fast forwarding to the future, Jesus is left with no choice but to go after him and personally step on his head. Seriously, you should have just given Him back His son. And *serious comment coming, brace yourself* if we have been set free, why continue to live like we are hostages? Why stay with your kidnapper when your Father has paid the ransom and set you free?

Boom. Roasted.

I accidentally posted this earlier in the week, but it was meant for today. It was on Good Friday that Jesus went down to take care of business. Pastor Kevin (RevKev) says it should be called Bad Friday. I go back and forth on that. Is it Good or Bad Friday, and why?


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