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I’m always interested to see what Christian artists will do when they get the chance to play on the Tonight Show. Several have had their chance in the past, and it seems one by one they have done the same thing: keep it vague. After seeing Third Day, the most overly worshipful band out there, perform without making mention of God one time, I started to believe there was a rule in place. Maybe they’d let you come on, but only if you promised to be on your best ambiguous behavior. Apparently there is no such rule. Jonny Lang was on last week, and he made no secret about what he believed. He believes just what He said. I liked the song so much I downloaded it within minutes of hearing it. His unabashed appreciation for his Lord reminds me of what Jesus said about the woman that anointed His feet in Luke 7:37-48. Therefore I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven; that’s why she loved much. ..” Check out the video below:

Further reading for those interested in Jonny Lang. Yes, he is the same Jonny Lang that toured with Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones and opened for them at the age of 15. He is the very same Jonny Lang that won Grammy’s in the secular world. All the fame, success, and money wasn’t doing it for him, though. He found himself spiraling downward while drinking and doing drugs. He credits God and the prayers of his family for bringing him out of it. His testimony is intriguing and inspiring. Read the rest of it HERE.


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