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How many times have you been asked this question: “If you were stranded on a desert island, what two things would you bring with you?” Most of the times I’ve heard this question, it was in the company of Christians, or read in an e-mail survey written by a Christian who knew several Christians would read it. That being said, the Bible has been listed as one of the items more times than not. I wonder how many people actually mean that. If you really don’t read the Bible a lot now, why would you bring it with you? Is it because you know that with nothing else to do, you’ll finally make up for loss time?

Anyway, I’ve never asked her the question, nor have I heard her asked and heard her response, but I know one person that would bring her Bible: my grandma. Okay, she’s technically Sarah’s grandma, but I love her and claim her, too. On Sunday, she was checked into the hospital due to pneumonia and congestive heart failure — please pray for her. Grandpa was going to go home for a bit, and Grandma asked for him to retrieve two items for her: her Bible and her glasses. I guess we know what two things she’d bring to the hypothetical desert island.

Incidentally, what two items would you bring with you? You cannot bring people, and we’ll assume there’s already a Gideon Bible in the desk on the island, so don’t say that either.


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