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I’m really uncertain about how well Gospel tracts work nowadays. I think more times than not, they do not work. In fact, they often are offensive to the waiter or waitress they are left for in lieu of a tip, or along with a poor tip. I know many people, both saved and unsaved, who have been stiffed by those God loving Christians who think a tract is better than a tip. Neither were very happy; neither read the tract; neither would ever consider attending the church of the offender. On a side note, I’m pretty sure not tipping or under tipping someone is tantamount to stealing. If you came and worked for me at my home, and you expected a certain rate of pay, you would not be happy if I docked you for your crappy attitude, or if your performance wasn’t up to my expectation. But hey, that’s different, right?

Back to business. There is one type of tract I really do like: chick tracts. Why? My church didn’t think kids 4th grade and up should be in CM anymore. We were old enough to sit in the service. That didn’t work for me. I didn’t understand what was going on. I busied myself with four things: doodling (my current art skills are the same as they used to be), tic tac toe, playing dots, and reading chick tracts. They’re comic books that God approves of me reading during church. I’ve only ever seen them in two places: church during missions conferences and public restrooms. I had a biological emergency at Meijer the other day, and guess what was there: a chick tract! So, I read it. That is THE tract from the incident pictured above. I didn’t get saved after reading it, but it did help pass the time.


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