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“You can’t judge me!” ~ Quote made famous by many who were doing wrong, knew it, and didn’t want to hear about it.

I’m not a big fan of the “you can’t judge me” crowd, but I’m also not a fan of modern Pharisees that see fit to judge everyone but themselves. I think that most people misunderstand the rules on judging. It’s not being judgmental for me to say, “You really shouldn’t be killing old ladies.” If I see you about to kill an old lady, I will stop you. If you say, “you can’t judge me,” to me, I will slap you. It is not judging someone to state a fact of right and wrong.

You are allowed to judge what is right and what is wrong based on the Bible (please don’t judge sin in others’ lives based on the Bible if you don’t really know what the Bible says and where it says it, though. You may just be regurgitating a Pharisee’s opinion, not the Word). Sin is sin. You should not be judging me, however, if you have a big piece of wood in your eyes. You also should not be judging my motives. It’s not your right to say why I do what I do for God. Am I doing it for selph promotion or truly wanting to serve God? You will never know, and you really shouldn’t speculate. But if you notice I am doing something erroneous, you should certainly sharpen my ironically (yeah, I know I’m misusing that word) using the standards set out in Matthew 18:15-20.

You certainly may judge me if you are in a position to do so. It won’t bother me. Actually, it will, but I have it coming, don’t I? I’d rather be aggravated by your pointing out my flaw than continue upsetting God. If you are more concerned with someone “judging you” than you are with pleasing God, than you are wrong. I know, I know…don’t judge you. I just did. That just happened. Shake and bake.


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