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This post is totally inspired by Katdish’s post on her honorary man card achievement. It made me think of how cool my wife is. Sarah is not your typical wife. She’s my best friend, and not just because it’s the proper, sweet, romantic thing to say. I would literally rather hang out with her than anyone else, and that is not at the cost of doing things that I think are cool. Sarah doesn’t like what a lot of women like, and she loves what most women do not.

Sarah does not…

  • like sitting around and gossiping
  • bad mouth me when she gets together with the girls
  • like knitting, crocheting, stamping, or any other girly activity
  • read romance novels, watch soap operas or any other steamy TV show, or romantic movies
  • complain to me about how other women are pretty, skinny, or well dressed
  • want to spend all of our money on shoes, purses, and outfits that will go out of style next season

Sarah does…

  • like metal and hard rock
  • have a tattoo (and not a lame colorful flower or animal) and design my tattoos for me
  • like movies with lots of killing
  • think my crude jokes and farts are funny
  • act ridiculous in public. I never get in trouble for embarrassing her anymore. We take turns embarrassing each other now.
  • love sports, especially hockey
  • wear a lot of black, which is slimming, but not on her. She’s already very slim.
  • think I’m good looking. Silly her.
  • look beautiful. I think she looks hot, but I’m not allowed to say that. She reads my blog and will get after me if I say that. So I won’t.

My life is enriched by the fact that my wife is awesome. I married up – way up.


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