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a Binford God

I really like the show Home Improvement, starring Tim Allen. Was it cheesy? Yes. Was the acting shoddy? Sure was. Was it at all believable? I don’t think so. But still, it captivated me when I was a kid, and it has me again on Nick at Nite. I think part of the allure for me, both then and now, is that it takes place in Michigan. Tim wears sweatshirts in every episode of different colleges and universities from around the state of Michigan or of Detroit sports teams. The family goes on scene to real locations in Michigan, including Traverse City, where my wife saw them shooting scenes on the sand dunes as a child. It made her day, since she (along with every other girl back then) had a crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Of course, I also liked the disasters caused by Tim Taylor.

I was watching the show the other day, and Tim did one of his typical stupid things while on Tool Time. I laughed a little, but then I was a little annoyed. I was annoyed at the idea that someone could screw up that many times at work and keep his job. If Binford were a real company and Tim a real employee, wouldn’t they fire him after so many mistakes? No, they just keep letting him do his thing, screwing up along the way at their expense. I know, it’s just a TV show, but I was tired and cranky, and it annoyed me. And then it happened. I realized something about me, and probably a lot of pastors: I screw up all the time. I sin every day. There’s a good way to do life (reference the Bible if you need help with that), but I sometimes come up with a better way – my way – and I end up failing miserably and probably embarrassing God. I work for God, and I don’t follow His instructions, but He still keeps me in His employ. I’m a lot like Tim Taylor and He’s a lot like Binford.


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