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advice I didn’t take

I’ve been given a lot of good advice over the years. The funny thing about good advice is that it is rarely unsolicited. People like to give advice freely, especially when you are not at all interested in what they have to say. My dad does not call me and start throwing advice at me, hoping something will stick. I call him, he listens, and then he offers advice. It’s interesting how listening to a situation can give you an inside track on offering advice worth taking. I don’t want to talk about advice I felt was worth taking, though. I want to talk about advice I didn’t take, and what happened as a result.

1. Don’t get married so young. You’ll be divorced within five years.
Now, I’m not the best with numbers, but I’m pretty sure eight is greater than five, and the fact that Sarah and I are best friends and still quite in love means there will be even more years added.

2. Don’t jump on the bed. You’ll get hurt.
Well, I have a scar in the middle of my forehead that proves that this was, in fact, sound advice.

3. Don’t transfer from out of our school. You’ll have a hard time getting a job with that other school on your resume.
So far, two churches seemed to disagree.

4. (from the doctor at the rehab hospital Sarah was in) You shouldn’t help your wife with everything when she gets home. You’ll view her as a patient and won’t be able to love her the same ever again.
He was kind of right. I love her more now. We grew even closer during that time of our marriage.

5. Be careful not to drink too much pop. You’ll gain weight.

What’s some advice you didn’t take?


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