stories, lessons, and a lot of nonsense

When we first learned that Sarah was pregnant, I was hoping that we’d have a little girl. Come to think of it, though, I only had two reasons I wanted a little girl: one, she would probably be a daddy’s girl; and, two, she would probably look a lot like Sarah who was a cute baby, little girl, teenager, and adult. Now that I’ve known for a while that we are having a son, I’ve had time to think of all the great reasons a dad would want a son. Here are my top 10. I’m not sure they’re in proper order. To be honest, all of these reasons are great, and they could be in any order.

10. Being boyish is acceptable. No one says, “you know, your son’s kind of a tomboy.”

9. I’ll never have to sit with him while he cries about the weird cramps and bleeding he’s

8. I won’t have to worry about boys. I was a boy, and I know what they are thinking.

7. The bride’s family pays for the wedding. My son will not be a bride.

6. I can walk around the house in my underwear forever!

5. I’ll never worry about him leaving the house dressed one way, and then changing into
something skankier when he’s out the door.

4. Hannah Montana (or whoever takes her mantle) will never be watched in my home.

3. There’s a very good chance that he’ll be just like me.

2. He’ll cause so much trouble for Sarah that I’ll be under the radar and get away with more.

1. I won’t have to go shopping for make-up, girls underwear, pads, dresses, etc.


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