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happy anniversary, Sarah!

I still love Sarah just the same as I did when I married her eight years ago, and yet I love her differently. I say I love her more now, but when I think about it, you probably can’t quantify love. You love or you don’t. So I don’t really love her more than I used to, it’s just been proven. I know more about her, and so I love more things about her.

If you asked me what I loved most about her over the years, my answers would probably have varied. I know that the way she treated me had a pretty long reign as the number one reason, but it’s been replaced (and not just because she beats me up now, either). I laid in bed next to her last night, reading as she slept, and it occurred to me that things had changed. I now love her, above all other reasons, because she is who I want to raise Jakob. They say having a kid changes a person, but I hope it doesn’t in her case. Jakob would be just fine having a mom exactly like Sarah already is.

Here’s a run down of our anniversary plans:

  • Cheesecake in bed. It’s like breakfast in bed, only less healthy and more delicious.
  • Baby appointment
  • 3 hour drive to Lansing, which will probably take us 5 hours.
  • Dinner at Sarah’s favorite restaurant: P.F. Chang’s, which she knows nothing about right now. She’ll know when we get there.
  • 2 more hours to Grand Rapids, which could be 3 or 4 depending on how much water she has at dinner
  • Pass out quickly from exhaustion upon arrival

In case you didn’t know, I’m really happy about being married to Sarah. She’s the best around (nothing’s gonna ever keep her down)…and I love her.

Happy anniversary, Sarah. And happy birthday, Grandpa! And happy birthday tomorrow, Jeff!


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