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I grew up a huge fan of G.I. Joe. I wouldn’t call myself an expert on all things G.I. Joe, though. I might have before I went to see the movie, which I thought was great. I learned after the movie, while waiting for Sarah to use the restroom, that the movie was apparently no good, because it didn’t line up with the comics that were written well after the show aired. I know that this kid knew what he was talking about, because although he wasn’t alive when the original cartoon aired and may never have seen it, he had a jacket on with the Cobra logo on the back. So if he says that anyone that liked that movie just doesn’t know anything about G.I. Joe, I have take him seriously. Basically, my G.I. Joe experience was limited to watching the cartoon, creating war horses out of my sister’s My Little Ponies for my action figures to ride, and pretending to be Snake Eyes by putting on sunglasses and swinging a stick around like a sword. Oh, and learning that knowing was half the battle.

Sometimes I feel like knowing is all the battle for me, though. You would think after all these awesome Public Service Announcements that were made that I would know better, but I don’t seem to. I always want to know what’s next, and I want to know right away. I don’t have peace many times, because I’m too worried about what’s going to happen next. I just need to know, and once I do, I can do whatever it is. Knowing is the battle. I’m there now. I don’t know what’s going to happen next, and it freaks me out a little. I know that God knows what we need, and He knows when we need it, but I keep laying in bed reminding Him. A lot of times, when I pray about it, I end up apologizing for telling God what He already knows. I end up with peace by the end of every time I pray, but I go back to worrying at some point during the day. Maybe letting me be antsy is God’s way of making me pray more, because I know I don’t do it often enough.

Every time I pray lately, I feel like God puts two Scriptures on my heart. I already alluded to one: when teaching His disciples about prayer, Jesus said in Matthew 6:7 that God knows what we need before we even ask Him. The end of Matthew 6 is the other thing I feel God is pressing on me. I’m worrying about something that I cannot control, because it is controlled by God. I need to stop worrying, because it isn’t doing me any good and it never will. If worrying worked, I would start worrying about adding a cubit to my height.

So hopefully I’ll know soon where we are headed, and knowing will only be half the battle. In fact, we will know very shortly about the church we’re hoping for most, so if you would continue praying about that, we would appreciate it. And, please, for the last time, please do not hide in old refrigerators! Learn a lesson from Cherie beginning HERE and finish it up HERE.


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