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just one of the girls

I noticed something strange when I took our car to Pep Boys for an oil change: all but one of the magazines seemed out of place. They had Women’s Health, People, Home and Garden, etc, and then one lonely car magazine. I wondered to myself, “Why would they have a bunch of ladies magazines at a car place?” Then it occurred to me. There are probably a higher percentage of women that bring their cars in for oil changes than men. In fact, based on the magazines, they must estimate that 95% of their clientele will be women. I guess I’m just another one of the ladies, unable (or at least unwilling) to change the oil in the car.

In all fairness and to my credit, I have changed the oil in my car one time. But, not to my credit, I didn’t like getting my hands all dirty. So yeah, I’m just one of the girls. Quickly, someone pamper me.


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