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viva revolution (finally)

This was my last attempt at preaching at New Hope. It was a bittersweet time that took place 3 weeks ago. My DVD ripper wasn’t working, so I had to get my good friend/mentor/boss TOM to take care of that for me. I always like preaching, and I love the people of New Hope, but it was my time to say good-bye to many. Others will get our good-bye within the next week, as we’ll be moving to Kalamazoo to work at this cool CHURCH. We’re excited about that, but we’ll miss our friends and church family here.

And, for the record, the great joke about sacrifice came from THIS GUY when we had lunch a couple weeks after the layoff. Taco Bell inspires brilliant thoughts.

Hope you enjoy the message. Actually, I don’t care if you do or not. At least enjoy the intro video with the sweet sounds of the Orange County Supertones in the background. Stunt it.

Oh, and we’ll be parents tomorrow. How awesome is that?

Viva Revolution from Jeff Selph on Vimeo.


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