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i’m glad he looks like me

I like to think I have a good sense of humor. Sure, it’s abstract, but it’s still pretty good. Still, there are some things that do not make me laugh. For instance, I will not laugh at things I’ve heard a hundred times – well, there are some words that will make me smirk till the day I die – like when someone makes a joke about my last name. It’s old and very unoriginal.

There is one very unoriginal joke that I do not understand. Since Jakob has joined us, I’ve only been the subject of this joke a couple of times, but it annoyed the crap out me – so much so that it has inspired a blog post. I was worried I would be asked this question in jest a lot, since I didn’t expect Jakob to look anything like me. I was so excited when I realized that he does, and not just because it should stop asinine questions. You see, I don’t think it’s funny when someone says to a dad (especially me), “So are you sure he/she’s yours?” What kind of joke is that? The punch line to that joke is, “your wife’s a whore.” If you came up to me and said, “hey, Jeff, your wife’s a whore. Haha, just kidding,” I would forgive you only after assaulting and battering you. I think most husbands feel the same way. So why is it okay to make the same joke worded a different way? The answer is easy: it’s not.

We’ll deal with what looking like me means for him when he gets older later in life. For now, I’m glad he looks like me, if for nothing else, so no one can ask me that question without revealing how dense they are.


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