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I will not play matchmaker

I love my parents, and I’m really glad they found each other and married each other. Even though one is mature, and the other not so much; one is loud, the other quiet; one bold, and the other easily embarrassed, they are perfect for each other. They clearly did well when picking the other for life, and they set a good example for their kids on how to interact with our spouses. So if they were so right when they picked each other, how come they were so horrible at picking matches for their kids? What happened?

I can think of a few girls they would have really liked to see me or Dan dating when we were teenagers (being so close in age, we had to share horrible suggestions from them). I can’t list any specifically, because you might know these girls and show them this. I will tell you this, though: there wasn’t a single girl that they suggested for me that happened to be on my list of girls I would date.

And so, I have vowed never to try to play matchmaker for Jakob. You apparently lose your ability to know what’s once a child enters into the equation. I don’t want him having a blog one day where he will write about the ugly girls I tried to fix him up with over the years. I will leave matchmaking to Yente.

I should note that before Dan even met Katey, my parents were really high on her. They suggested that one of us date her (they never cared which one). If they had only suggested this to Dan, they would have been absolutely right. By suggesting the same thing to both us, they can only get half credit, which is more than they ever got.


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