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What’s with the life verse? What does it mean to you when a verse is your life verse? Does that verse sum up your life or your aspirations or your ideals? What does it do? The two I’ve heard most often are “be ye holy, for I AM holy,” and, “For God’s so loved the world…” I’m not sure what it means to have either of these as your life verse. I can’t say that I am holy, so that verse is out, and I don’t love the world like God does, so I don’t really want to claim that as mine, either.

I guess I’ve often claimed 2 Corinthians 4:8-9 as my life verses, because I felt like trouble was inevitable, and I want to be solid like Paul as I go through it. The funny thing is that I claimed these verses when I was in junior high, when my greatest concern was girls not liking me because of my pint size. Anyway, ask anyone that knows me well (like Tom; he can tell you for sure), and they will tell you that when trouble comes, I am distressed. If I don’t understand where things are going, I do despair. At least I’m not forsaken or destroyed, because keeping me from that would be God’s department. At least He doesn’t flip out like me.

I realize that my life verse right now, and what I want it to be are completely different. Right now, my life verse is probably Mark 9:24, at least the second part: “I do believe. Help me overcome my unbelief.” I toe the line between belief and unbelief so many times, and I think that keeps me from being able to say my life verse is what I want it to be. I hope that I get to a point in my life where 1 Corinthians 11:1 can be the verse that best describes my life: “Follow me, as I also follow Christ.” Paul said it. I hope I can, too, especially to Jakob.


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