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Jeff’s gonna totally kill me for this post.

he knows he’s good to me, but it’s not something he brags himself on. because he’s just doing what God commanded him to do. to love his wife as He loves the church. one shouldn’t brag about something he does, that he’s commanded to do.

so i’ll brag on him.

Jeff and Jakob are 2 of the best things that have ever happened to me. Jeff and i have been together for about 10 years now. it hasn’t been easy. God seems to test us every year. whether it’s financially, difficulties in our marriage (which is an issue for every couple, but which really hasn’t been an issue for us since our first 10ish months of marriage:), hellish work schedules, or the big one, the accident in 2002. through it all, Jeff’s been faithful, encouraging, understanding, supportive and loving to me.

never has he made me feel that any of our difficulties/disagreements were my fault. (unless they were:) and even then, he would not outright blame me.)
never has he been unfaithful to me. in fact, he goes out of his way to see he never is.
never has he made me feel unimportant.
never has he discounted my feelings (that sounds way sappier than i care for). when i’m upset, he’ll give me space, and when i’m ready for him, he’ll console and assuage me like no one else.
never has he left my side. he stayed with me every night at the hospital after the accident (except one night when they made him leave). he kicked a nurse out of my room that he felt was harsh and mean to me. he came to all my doctors appointments. he came to all the therapy sessions he could. and once he had to go back to work, he spent all of his lunches being my nurse when i couldn’t do much for myself.
never has he thought less of me or made me feel like less of a person (said if the accident would have happened before we’d been married, he’da carried me down the aisle).
never has he gone a day without saying “i love you” to me at least 5 times.

no person has loved me like he does. and i’m so grateful and thankful and lucky beyond belief that he is Jakob’s father. Jeff is the only person i trust to raise Jakob to be a Godly, faithful, loving, caring man. (he’ll also let him be a mama’s boy because he knows how much i need Jakob to love me as he [Jeff] does:)

so, thank you, Jeff. you are my everything. there is no one like you. i could never explain how much i love you or how much you mean to me or how blessed i am to have you. you are my best friend, and the person i can tell anything to. you make it easy for me to love you. and that’s as it should be.

so for anyone who thinks it’s crazy that he’s this good to me, or that sometimes he doesn’t need to do all that he does and support me the way he does…. shutup. don’t take this from him. just pray that your daughters and nieces and sisters can be blessed enough to be married to someone who will love her like Christ.


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