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Do good wives obey? from Jeff Selph on Vimeo.

Sunday night, we wrapped up our mythbusters series. I’d say we did so in fantastic fashion, since Sarah taught. I had never seen her teach before. That’s kind of sad, I guess, but having her teach the whole group would have never been allowed at my first youth pastor stop. I had no idea what I was missing out on, because she has always told me that she’s not really a teacher. I believe she has underestimated herself. The whole room was quiet, and she had everyone’s complete attention. I have yet to be so interesting.

Sarah was teaching on the myth that bad things happen to people as a result of God punishing them. This idea could not be founded by Scripture at all. It’s man’s common sense that perpetrates this theory. It doesn’t line up with Scripture, though. Sarah gave her testimony to the students. She went more into detail about the accident, the injuries, and her feelings that she has ever publically done so before. She quoted a passage from Our Daily Bread, which said, “Our impairments, our disabilities, our handicaps, our not accidents – they are God designed…God’s way of dealing with what we call limitations is not to remove them, but to endow them with strength and use them for good.”

She talked about John 9:1-3, where Jesus explains that sometimes people aren’t being punished, but are there so that God could be glorified. I taped it, but I’m not allowed to share it. Getting her to teach is one thing. Getting her to agree to let me post it on the internet is a separate issue. Sorry. You’ll have to take my word for it. She was awesome.

For small group, we looked at Job’s life. God very positively describes him in Job 1:1. Was he afflicted as a punishment? Nope, he was an innocent bystander. God wanted glory through him, and Job came through for Him.

I was very proud of Sarah on Sunday night. She did so good. I look forward to her teachign again.


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