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inked: beneath the surface

I’m changing one of my blogging habits. That implies that I’ve had any regular habits, which I haven’t, but humor me. I’m stealing an idea from Tom, because Tom’s smart, and his ideas are swell. His idea was to use Monday blogging to let his boss know what happened at YG, how things went, how many were there, etc. I’m going to be doing that going forward, just so my boss, Dave, has an idea of what went down before we get to our weekly meeting…if we get to our weekly meeting. That means every Monday, I’ll recap my Sunday night lesson (or the lesson of the person that teaches the night before), put attendance, main themes, and games…starting now. Get ready to live.

This was the second week of our Inked: Beneath the Surface series. The premise is talking about what it looks like to have a true relationship with Christ, one that goes beyond the surface of just fluff Christianity. Last night, I talked about Jesus’ Parable of the Sower, and compared poor quality tattoos to rocky soil. Like a poor quality tattoo, seeds sown into rocky soil do not go deep enough, causing them to fade away, especially under the heat of the sun (trials). We need to seek to be the good soil that Jesus talks about, causing us to be so deeply inked by God, that no matter what happens in our life, we stand strong. Our relationship with Him should not be negatively impacted by outside circumstances. We need deeper ink.

Main Scripture Passage
Matthew 13:3-22


Students: 36
Adult Leaders: 16

Dream tattoo drawing contest. Submissions will be posted this week on our Reach Student Ministries Facebook page, voted on, and a winner will be named next week.


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  1. Didn't go DEEP enough? Gaaa! You're not making me want to have a tattoo here, but I like the analogy.

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