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I had a professor in seminary named Dr. Butler. On the first day of the first class I had with him, he made a statement that changed the way I looked at being ready to serve God. He said, “If God called you to preach two years ago, and you haven’t started, because you’re waiting till you finish school, you’re already two years late. He didn’t call you to be ready to preach. He called you to preach.” It was an interesting point. I had always thought that one should finish being trained before following God’s call on his life, whether it was vocational or in a volunteer role. But what Dr. Butler said made a lot of sense, especially when you read the Bible. I think God calls a lot of people to do a lot of great things for Him, but often times, we wait till we feel adequately ready. We go to Bible school, conferences, seminars, small groups, etc, trying to prepare ourselves to do what He has called us to do. Sometimes we spend more time getting ready to be obedient than actually being obedient, which could be called delayed obedience, and my mom and dad always said delayed obedience is disobedience.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t pursue perfecting your calling, because I think you should. And I’m also not saying that you should start out at the same level you plan to be at when you’ve finished training. But if God calls you to do something, start doing it. I was reminded of this premise when reading Ezra 3. God’s plan was for the people to build a temple in Jerusalem where they could eventually perform sacrifices to Him, but He had already called them to observe the feasts and sacrifices. They started well before the temple was ready, because God expected obedience. They didn’t even start building the temple until the 2nd year of their inhabitation, but they observed God’s ordinances all along. They weren’t going to wait till they were ready to start obeying Him.

If God called you to do something, for corn’s sakes, do it! God called you, He’s equipped you, and He’s waiting to use you. Don’t make Him wait much longer, okay? If you haven’t started, you’re already behind.


Comments on: "if you wait till you’re ready, you’re too late" (6)

  1. Nice post. There is a tension between those two things for sure. I have seen people wait and then never fulfill their calling and I have seen people go too soon and go through unneeded hardships because of lack of training. There is a balance there somewhere.

  2. I agree with you. That's why I went back and added the line about not trying to fulfill it all right away. It's like the newlywed couple trying to have everything their parents have accumulated right away. It just hurts in the end.

  3. God doesn't call the equipped….He equips the called!!!

  4. I'm having a real love-hate relationship with this post. Love your thoughts. Hate how much it is turning my insides upside-down. Poured my heart out to God again for the one-billionth time about this, because I have been certain that I am waiting on God. Now you are making wonder – is it me or is it God?

  5. Jim Ford?Dang, Kim! Now I feel kind of cool…

  6. Kind of like becoming a parent. Does anyone ever FEEL ready? Can you ever really prepare for that? I don't think so. Sometimes you have to learn as you go.

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