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It’s Sarah’s birfday, and so I am writing about her. Also, I made a moving picture show that is about her. It’s not as creative or drug induced as THIS BIRTHDAY VIDEO, but it’s got a lot of Sarah’s face over the years (with heavy emphasis on the last year), so I love it. And now, with no futher jibba jabba on my part, I give you: the post

When Sarah and I were dating, we went to a concert at the Ground Floor, in Grandville. I’m not sure who we went to see, but some new band called Ace Troubleshooter was opening. At the end of their set, they said that they had demo tapes (that’s right, tapes) with two songs on them that were free for the taking. I couldn’t pass up free anything, so I grabbed one. Sarah, being raised a good Dutch girl stuck in a Korean body, also had to take one.

Not too long after, we went to Traverse City with her grandparents. I rode in Sarah’s car with her, while her siblings rode with Grandma and Grandpa. We listened to that tape the whole way up there. It was “SE 101,” followed by “Tonight,” followed by “SE 101,” and so on. I really liked the music, and sometimes when I liked the music in a song, I wouldn’t even pay attention to the words. About the third or fourth time through “Tonight,” I listened to what they were saying. Then I looked at Sarah. And every time that song came on – that would be every three minutes or so – I would look over at Sarah again, because the words described how I felt about her.
I could give you the lyrics of the song, but I’m assuming you have ears and can understand what they’re saying. But to hear the words, you’re going to have to watch my video. So there.

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  1. How utterly SWEET (in the cool way, not the syrupy way) is THAT? Very neat, Jeff–it shows that you are wise (you know you're blessed with Sarah), and you are sweet (in the syrupy way) too! Good stuff!HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!

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