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Last night, we held our first American Idol lip sync contest. I think it’s safe to say that we’ll do this again. Everyone seemed to have a great time. The room was full with students, leaders, the entire church staff, and some parents and grandparents that stayed to watch the performances. The students were very well prepared. Some were tame, some were a little crazy, and all were entertaining.

We had three winners, with two honorable mentions, although everyone did a great job. Our honorable mentions went to Max Winkle, performing “Fireflies,” by Owl City – he did that song just to mess with me – and Riley Doonan, performing the song “Mercy,” by Duffy. Tim Johnson won overall performance – and a Mandisa CD – with his performance of “White and Nerdy,” by Weird Al. His costume was awesome, and his answer to the question, “where did you learn your dance moves?,” was even better. His answer? “My dad.” His dad is our lead pastor, and he was there to hear it. The winners of best choreography – and a Phil Stacey CD – were Bekah, Carolyn, and Jasmine with their performance of “Hot n Cold,” by Kate Perry. Of course, that would be the edited version of the song. They played the part of the scary woman who’s been scorned fantastically. Our last category was for best costumes, and that went to the Folsom brothers and Max Tustin, for their Jonas Brothers-esque outfits. They did “Burnin’ Up,” and took home the new Danny Goeke CD for their wardrobe efforts.
I had a lot of fun watching our students. They are so cool. Below is the playlist of all the songs that were performed, except for my song – Live for You, by Rachel Lampa – and Bekah’s third solo performance – Dig a Little Deeper, from the Princess and the Frog soundtrack.

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