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At the end of the our lip sync contest last week, I introduced our new series: Rebel Life. For the month of March, we’ll be talking about rebelling against status quo – not giving into expectations, statistics, pressures, and supposed norms placed upon us by this world. As Todd – our special guest speaker last night – put it, it’s about living a life of holy rebellion, like Jesus did. Before he did that, though, he sang us a song. He wrapped up the contest for us to the tune of “Alleluia.” It was hilarious! Don’t believe me? Well, here’s the video:

Todd taught out of Daniel 7 last night. It happened to be on page 667 in the auditorium Bibles. The name Daniel means, “God is my Judge,” and when Daniel was taken into exile in Babylon, his name was changed to Belteshazzar, which means, “Baal worshiper.” He talked about the pressures Daniel faced when he arrived in Babylon: the authorities wanted him to eat certain things; his friends and peers were going along with the program; and self preservation would have told him to do the same. Daniel and his three friends did not give into what was being pressed up0n them. Even though their names had been changed, their identities remained the same. My favorite quote from the night was, “who you are does not change based on what people are calling you.” Daniel’s name may have been changed, but he lived out a life based on the fact that God was his Judge.
Students: 36
Adult Leaders: 14

We played a running game. Each student is paired in twos, with their arms locked with their parter (like they are walking down the aisle together), and the groups of two make up a giant circle. One person is “it,” and that person chases the runner. The runner runs around the outside of the circle, being chased by the it. The runner can just keep running, or they can lock arms with one of the people in the circle. If the runner locks arms with your partner, you have to take off running and be chased.

The big take away for me from this game is that I do not look fast, however, I am fast.

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