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happy Passover

Passover started at sundown yesterday.  Aren’t you excited?  I think I am, although I will not be celebrating this year.  I want to do Jakob’s first Seder when he can at least understand the words coming out of my mouth.

I love Passover.  I love the story, what it means for the Jewish people, and the picture it painted of Jesus as the coming Messiah and ultimate Passover Lamb.  Last year was exciting for me, because I got to lead my very first Passover Seder at my former church.  We video taped it for my mom and dad, but somehow we lost the tape.  Anyway, I had zero experience with leading a Seder; my friend, Tom, had plenty of experience leading them; and yet, I ended up doing the Seder.  Pastor Jeff Cooper looked right at me the whole time he was discussing the possibility of doing as a church in our staff meeting.  Why?  Well, I believe I was profiled.  Everyone knows that every Jew knows all the traditions, feasts, observations, and celebrations, right?  Right.  So I called my Uncle Al – who of course told me to call my Aunt Michele – and asked for a copy of the Seder, so I could study up, since I really had no idea how to lead one.  He’s an evangelist to Jewish people, and he goes from church to church trying to raise support for this particular mission field.  He does the Seder often, so I guess you could say he’s a professional Sedist.

So, just to recap.  I am of Jewish descent.  I make no secret about that.  I did not grow up in an Orthodox Jewish home.  I don’t hide that, either.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned a number of times that I grew up Baptist.  So our family never did a Seder together, leaving me without a comprehensive knowledge of how this works.  But still, I am called upon to lead the Seder, cause I’m a Jew.


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  1. chazzdaddy said:

    nice work bro.

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