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I can’t tell you everything I learned from my dad, for a few reasons: first of all, I don’t want to write a post that long, and you wouldn’t want to read it; secondly, I have probably forgotten a lot of it; and third, and perhaps most importantly, I don’t want to tag this post as adult rated material. But here is a glimpse at the things I am willing to share with you:

  • Being mature doesn’t mean being boring and not having fun.
  • It’s okay to pick on Lisa until Mom gets home.
  • My mom was his wife first, and if we disrespected her, we’d answer to him.
  • There isn’t a good enough reason to get into a fight in school…unless someone was making fun of Mom, in which case, he would be disappointed if we didn’t fight for her.
  • It’s okay to laugh at your child’s mischief and then deny approving of it later when answering to a higher authority (Mom).
  • His family was more important than anyone else’s family. As a result, if you messed with us, he messed with you.
  • The same guy can be a goofball and a romantic, but rarely at the same time.
  • Humor is a great teaching tool.
  • Blacks socks with brown sandals go well with shorts…very short shorts.

That is just a small sample.  Hopefully I can pass all of this wisdom Рand the wisdom I could not share Рonto Jakob.


    Comments on: "what I learned from my dad" (3)

    1. That last one made me smile.

    2. #3 reminds me of my hubby. He tells our kids that when they disrespect me, they have “tied his hands.” He can no longer be on their side. No matter what. His Dad told him the same thing.

      • I appreciate that my dad taught me that. I get really upset when I see a kid disrespecting his mom. My son won’t be allowed to do that.

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