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we’re adopted

We started talking about prayer last night.  I think it’s important to establish the relationship between God and His children before talking about how to talk to God.  So that’s what I did, because I try to do what I think is important.

In Galatians 4, Paul talks about how we were living like slaves before we had Christ, but once we have Him, we receive the adoption of sons.  This is a reference to the tradition that a young man would be raised by a family servant, who was to teach him the things he needed to know.  At a time appointed by the father, the boy would be “adopted,” and receive full rights as the son and heir of his father’s estate.  But even while he lived as a servant, it was the father’s intention that he would be accepted as a son at some point.

God has created everyone with the intention that they would become His son or daughter.  That doesn’t mean that everyone does become one, but it is His aim that our schoolmaster – the Law – would lead us to the point in life where we can receive the adoption of a son, which is when we place our faith in Christ.

Once we have Christ in our lives, we have access to God, and because of our adoption, we get to call Him, “Abba Father.”  That, of course, is the equivalent of calling Him, “Daddy.”  As God’s children, we are welcome and expected to approach Him like we would approach an earthly father: personally, intimately, and relationally.  When I call my dad on the phone, I don’t start out trying to impress Him.  I just call him and tell him what’s on my mind.  God wants us to come after Him the same way, sharing our heart, and understanding that He is our Dad and wants to listen.


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