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fasting isn’t cool

Still working through our prayer series (Hey, God).  One more week, and we’ll be finished.  Tonight, we talked about fasting, which I believe really heightens one’s connection to God.  We looked at Matthew 6:16-18.  Here are just some quick thoughts on fasting:

  • Jesus tells us not to make ourselves look gaunt and sickly while we’re fasting.  Whatever misery you feel is a private matter that God will see and bless you for.
  • That does not mean that you cannot tell anyone that you are fasting.  It drives me nuts when people get all over someone else for sharing that they are fasting.  If you want to share with me that you will be fasting, so I can pray for you, be my guest.
  • You shouldn’t fast to make yourself look really spiritual and cool to your church friends.  It’s not cool.  It’s difficult and no fun.
  • I have never been closer to God than when I went on an extended fast.  I also never came closer to eating cat food than at the end of my fast.

That’s pretty much the sum of the lesson.  Not too many angles on fasting.  Happy fasting.


Comments on: "fasting isn’t cool" (3)

  1. Just to add to your points. Fasting should not be done without doing some serious homework. You can really hurt yourself coming off a fast the wrong way. Or eating something while on a fast.

    • That’s the truth. I always prepare. Although, the first time I fasted, I had fried chicken as my first food after 5 days. I got sick, but I was happy enough. 🙂

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