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Long time no talk.  I thought about posting about my Workcamp trip last week, but I don’t want to tip my hand.  On July 18, from 6:00-8:00 PM, we’ll be celebrating WC during our normal youth group service.  I will talk about it then, after which I will post a blog.  Oh, and speaking of Workcamp, big shout out to Marni, who actually e-mailed everyone from our group.  The kids were surprised by that, especially when I told them that I had never actually met her in person.  But I digress.  This post isn’t about WC at all.  It’s about baptism.

On August 1, our church will be doing baptism and baby dedication.  I am excited, because I will have the opportunity to baptize some kids from YG and CM, and I will get to witness others as they follow Christ in obedience.  Inevitably, whenever we do a baptism service, I get a lot of questions about baptism after the fact.  So I did a preemptive strike tonight and talked about the important questions about baptism.  I did not intend to teach.  I intended to have small group in the large group.  I ended up teaching some.  I can’t help myself sometimes.  But they did answer many of the questions I asked.

Instead of telling you about baptism, I will leave this post open.  What do you think about baptism?  Who should be baptized?  What is it?  In what manner should it be done?  Where should it take place?  Why should one get baptized?  What does it accomplish?  When is the proper time for a person to be baptized?

I could answer all of those questions for you, but I won’t.  I didn’t intend on teaching tonight.  Remember?


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