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don’t fear writing

Most of my blogging friends make me laugh.  The same ones that make me laugh also make me think a lot.  They make me share in their frustration with their words.  They seem very free with their words.  I haven’t noticed many of them shying away from being candid for fear of negative comments.  I have, though.  I have held back on writing my heart, not because what I want to say is questionable or untrue, but because I am weary of being nitpicked.  It has kept me from writing when I have wanted to write.  I have unfinished drafts that I just saved and walked away from, because I worry they will be controversial.  I have thoughts that I want to express that are stuck in my head or in an e-mail to myself as a reminder for later, because I worry someone will take it too personally.  All left undone, because I made the mistake of fearing negative comments.  The reality is that I don’t get a lot of comments, positive or negative, but nearly 100% of the ones I have received are positive and affirming.  So my fear is misguided.

Hopefully this means I will be writing more.  I hope that as God puts thoughts in my head, I will express them on my blog without worry.  Finally, I hope spiteful people would go away, but knowing that they won’t, I hope I listen to the majority, not the angry minority.


Comments on: "don’t fear writing" (5)

  1. Yes! Don’t worry about stuff that hasn’t even happened, just write from your heart.

  2. Post em already! Can’t stand the anticipation. You could just e-mail them to me if you are still gun shy. I’ll give you my unbiased, critical, cynical, opinion. It’s one of my gifts. But I’m a fan so you probably won’t listen to me anyhow.

  3. Oh I almost forgot about being negative and judgmental.

    • Ha! Thanks, Kenny. I can always count on you.

      I have many scheduled, so don’t you worry. It’s coming starting tomorrow.

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