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back to school tips

Today is the day that many of the kids from our church go back to school.  Some have been bored since the second week of Summer vacation and are ready to go back.  Others have fully enjoyed their break and will be bored in about two hours.  Some people love school, and some people love staying home (some are home schooled and get to enjoy both).  I stopped enjoying school sometime during the 7th grade, so I do not envy the students.  I disliked it from that time all the way through completing my Bachelor’s degree, and that’s not because I struggle in school.  I do well, but I do not enjoy everything I am good at (i.e. sales).  Although I don’t enjoy school, I plan to return myself in October.  The only positive party of my schooling will be that I’m going to be doing correspondence courses only, which means I will operate on my own schedule and work in my pajamas.  I guess working from home also means I don’t need the handy tips provided in this handy tutorial:

Hopefully you will follow this timely advice.  Of course, you cannot set your outfit out the night before, because that was last night.  I’m sorry for my tardiness.  Two more tardies, and I’m off to detention.  Yikes.

Maybe you’re not looking forward to school today.  Well, I have something for you to look forward to tonight: the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse special, Road Rally, is on tonight at 7 PM.  What could make you feel better than that?

Good luck to all of you students and parents today!


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