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if looks were everything…

…Jakob would be your once and future king.

Exactly one year ago, at the same time this post is being published, the world was made better by the birth of Jakob Israel Selph.  I still remember meeting him for the first time.  I remember holding him for the first time, the first time I fed him, the day we brought him home, and so many other moments.  I cannot tell you all of them, although you’ve probably heard many of them if you follow me on twitter or facebook.

Sarah and I love Jakob.  We love him like I never knew we could, in a way we never understood before now.  Every time he does something new, we are so proud of him, and every time he shows blatant defiance, we forgive and continue to love him.  Knowing that God is a better Dad than me, and knowing how much I love and care for Jakob, I feel pretty good about my own future.

Happy birthday, Bubs.  Thank you for the best year of our lives.  We love you.


Comments on: "if looks were everything…" (4)

  1. Auntie Cole said:

    That is so sweet:) Congratulations again Jeff and Sarah…and happy Happy HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY beautiful Jakob! Love you all muches!

  2. happy birthday little guy! miss you all! praying for you guys!

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