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alien invasion

In October, we’ll be doing an alien themed series in YG.  We start on the premise that by definition Jesus is the Ultimate Extraterrestrial (one operating and existing outside of earth and its atmosphere).  This week, we did “Alien Invasion” (the incarnation of Jesus), next week, we’ll do “Alien Inception” (salvation),and on the 24th, we’ll do “Alien Abduction” (the rapture).  Below are the slides from this weeks lessons.

Jesus had divine attributes that He gave up while He was on earth.  What sorts of things do you think He gave up?  Omnipresence (He was only ever in one place at a time), omnipotence (He acknowledged before going to the cross that His physical body was weak.  His miracles were done through the HS, as He was enabled by God to bring Him glory), and omniscience (didn’t know when He would return, but only the Father knew) for starters.  He gave up His inability to be in the presence of sin, as we see that He took our sin upon Himself.

What attributes did He retain?  Impeccability (there was no way He could sin), thus maintaining His perfection/holiness, Godly love, authority

Grasped – He was equal with God, so He did not see as it as a concept that needed grasping.  It was His reality.

Therefore, He is extraterrestrial, because He existed and occurred outside of earth and its atmosphere

The fancy term for Jesus’ taking on flesh is “incarnation.”  That is why He is referred to as God Incarnate, because He is God in the flesh or God with skin.

Discovery, conquest, necessity?

Jesus came to provide light.  It says earlier in the chapter that the world was in darkness.  The darkness is courtesy of our sin, and it kept us from being able to see God.

He came to provide us with grace and truth.

Yes, Jesus came to provide light and the only way to God Himself, but He also came to provide an example for us.  What was that example?

He came to teach us how to put others before ourselves.  He showed us that we should love in such a way that we always put others first, no matter the cost.

Based on your life, did He invade in vain?


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