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modest is hottest

I should have made a slide that said just that, but I didn’t.  Modest is hottest, at least to chivalrous gentlemen who want to marry a girl for what she’s worth.  I missed out.  Oh well.  We wrapped up our beautiful series last night with a lesson on modesty and respect.  I asked what modesty was, and I got a number of good answers.  The best answer came from one of my youth leaders, Jared, who said it is “dressing with the opposite sex’s purity in mind.”  Beautifully stated.  Here are the slides with the notes.

Why does it specify those things in this verse?  He is describing how a prostitute would present herself at that time.
Is it still wrong to have braided hair, gold, pearls, or expensive clothes?
What might it say if it were written today?

Some people say, “Well, I can dress this way.  It’s not my fault they look at me.”  But we are commanded not to do anything that would cause a stumbling block to someone else. What is that?
Then there’s a common sense approach.  If I parked my car in a used car lot, right next to other cars that are for sale, would I have any business getting upset with people looking the car over?  No, because I presented my car as though it were for sale.  If you do not want to be looked at, common sense tells you that you should not present yourself in a way that makes yourself look like you’re giving yourself away.

No, I’m saying that women share blame, though.  It’s not fair to soley blame boys for looking when girls present themselves in a way that says, “Hey, look at me!”

You are in control of your eyes.  God makes an already difficult standard a little more difficult.  It’s not a new standard.  He is helping us better understand His standards.
We will be held accountable to God for everything we do, including ever time we commit adultery, be it physically or in our hearts.

Flee youthful lusts and pursue righteousness.  Repentance happens when we turn from one thing and turn to something else.  You cannot turn away from anything without having something to turn to.
These verses in 1 Corinthians are misrepresented so many times.  We say that “God won’t give me more than I can handle, so I know I won’t have more stress in my life, because I’ve reached my limit.”  He’s not saying that.  That’s a myth.  He’s saying that there isn’t a single temptation, gentlemen, that you cannot escape, because He always provides a way to escape.
We are not told to stand up and face temptation.  We’re not told to prove our strength.  We are told to get out of there.

We read 1 Corinthians 6:12-20

People spend their time trying to figure out how far they can go without sinning.  Of course, Jesus says that to lust is adultery, but downplay that.  He says that to cause another person to sin, which includes lust, is a sin, but we downplay that.  We replace God’s standards with a hybrid of His standards and ours.

We fail to attain holiness, so we redefine holiness.  Paul says, “Yeah, you have free will, and you can do just about anything you want, but think about this: don’t become a slave to anything.”

Do people become addicted to the praise and attention of others?  Yes.  Is pornography addictive?  Yes.  Studies have shown that it released endorphins in your brain, much like any other drug.  Sex?  Yup.  Some try to redefine what sex is, but realistically, you know what it is.  Usually, when you have to say, “It’s not technically such-and-such,” it is absolutely such-and-such.

Your bodies weren’t made for that!  They weren’t made for putting on display.  They weren’t made for sexual sins.  Ability and purpose are not synonymous.  Never make the mistake of thinking that.  Being able to do something does not mean you should be doing it.

Your purpose is to honor God.

Ladies: You are beautiful.  You do not need to dress a certain way to draw the eyes and attention of silly little boys.  God said you’re beautiful.  You are beautiful.  If a boy doesn’t think so, because you dress too modestly, he is not worth your time.  If a boy only “loves” you, because you are giving him something, he does not love you.  Don’t believe me?  Stop.  See how much he loves you when you stop.  It takes more love to not have sex with someone than it does to have sex with them.  Don’t sell yourself short.

Boys: You are beautiful, too.  Do not sell yourself short, and do not ask a girl to do so for you.  You treat women like your sister in Christ.  You honor them.  You cherish them.  You reinforce their value and beauty without getting something in return.


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