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What I like most about Steven Furtick is his uncanny ability to make a strong, convicting, or enlightening point in a short period of time.  It’s why I am subscribed to his blog.  I don’t often have the patience to sit through an entire non-fiction, leadership, or Christian book, because I feel like a single point is being dragged out and rehashed.  I made the mistake of worrying that was the case with Sun Stand Still when I first started reading it.  It was not true, though.  Steven Furtick brought it like he usually does, in a way and from a perspective that many don’t.

Steven keeps things moving throughout the book with a mix of Biblical perspective and personal stories.  He moves back and forth frequently enough to keep even an ADD-type like me from getting bored.  I also found the short chapters helpful for the same reason.  This book is perfect for any church leader, volunteer, or Christian that needs inspiring or encouragement to continue living out a faith that is pleasing to God.  I highly recommend it.


Comments on: "Sun Stand Still, by Steven Furtick" (2)

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the book. Can’t bring myself to read his stuff, but he seems to have a positive impact on a lot of people.

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