stories, lessons, and a lot of nonsense

Do you know what really aggravates me?  I mean, something that aggravates me more than exercising, fast food commercials while I’m on a diet, or wearing black shoes with a brown belt (or visa versa)?  When someone clearly does not know the Bible but chooses to teach it, anyway.  Misunderstanding the Bible doesn’t aggravate me in of itself, because many misunderstand due to the lackluster teaching of someone else.   I recently saw a quote by David Hume on my friend Sean’s facebook that should help you understand why it gets me so feisty: “Generally speaking, the errors in religion are dangerous; those in philosophy only ridiculous.”  Of course, we can diffuse our own misunderstanding by really studying the Bible ourselves.  I had to update my understanding on quite a few passages of Scripture when I went to Bible college.  The interesting thing, though, is that what I believed and what was being taught by the professors was the same thing in most instances, but the Bible seemed to be saying something completely different in some areas.

So, after much thought and delay, I’ve decided to start writing on misunderstood Scripture.  From major to minor deviations from Scripture, I’ll be writing about things I’ve heard taught several times that are clearly not in line with what the Bible says.  Sometimes I will drift into questions I have about Scripture I’m not quite sure about, because although I don’t believe what I’ve been taught on it, I’m not quite sure what my answers is.  You are free to disagree with my assertions, although calling me an IDIOT or a HERETIC in all caps will not make your argument seem any more intelligent, just more forceful.

Aren’t Friday blog posts supposed to be fun?  Yes, they are, and being weird, this is one thing I consider fun.  So next week, I’ll be talking about the impardonable sin.


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