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Jakob is an excitable little boy.  He smiles a lot, yells a lot, dances a lot, and he actually fist pumps a lot.  He doesn’t do it in the lame Jersey Shore kind of way.  It’s really more of a “I just won a big event” kind of way.  You’ll see it in the video below.  Two things that get him very excited are the Imagination Movers and Mickey Mouse.  All you have to do is show him something with Mickey on it at the store, and he will get a big, cheesy grin on his face.  Last week, I noticed him gearing up to dance when The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was ending, so I grabbed my camera.  For Jakob, it was time to do the Hot Dog Dance, and he was so pumped up that he kept dancing for a little bit after the song had ended.  You can watch it here:


Comments on: "Jakob doing the Hot Dog Dance" (7)

  1. That’s adorable and hilarious all at the same time.

  2. So cute! We love the Imagination Movers in our home too! I’m looking at catching them on a few of their 2011 Tour dates, you can see all dates listed here:, and you can help us make some noise for our boys by joining their street team,,.. you can earn tickets to shows and other great Mover gear!

    • Thank you. I will check that out.

      • When you are on the fan manager site, you may be able to see the point standings, I’m number 2! Zendogtrainer.
        All I do is share the information with Mover fans, like I did with you, I get to meet new people, make new friends and earn points! I’ve already got enough points for 18 tickets,.. lol, not sure how I will get to all of those shows though? I’m working on cashing in some of my points now for the show on the 26th at the Nokia, and looking to see if I can get tickets for the show in New Orleans. You can also get Movers stuff too, like their cd’s, dvd’s, tshirts or any of the other stuff your little ones might like, …wobble goggles, daves hat, etc! Its really actually pretty fun. 🙂 And it feels good to support the Movers too! Great group of guys!

  3. He’s got some pretty good dance moves there!

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